International Conference papers in honor of Prof. Muhammad Sani Zahraddeen, OFR

1. Conference papers for International Conference in honor of Prof. Muhammad Sani Zahraddeen, OFR. Theme "Islam and challenges of development in the 21st Century"

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One Day Sensitisation Workshop On Quranic Education In Nigeria

2. Conference Papers for ONE DAY SENSITISATION WORKSHOP ON QURANIC EDUCATION IN NIGERIA, with the theme "Innovative Approach to the Development of Quranic Education in Nigeria." held on Sat 25th October, 2014, at Musa Abdullahi Auditorium, Bayero University, Kano.

  1. Post-colonial Quranic Education in Southern Nigeria
  2. Reforms for the Promotion and Development of Tsangaya Schools in the Context of the Nigerian Educational System
  3. The Role Of Kanem Borno Ulama In Quranic Education Before The Colonial Rule In Nigeria
  4. Qur'anic Education In Post Colonial Nigeria
  5. The History of Governmental Interventions in the development of Qur’anic Education in Nigeria. C.670 -2014
  6. Quranic Education in Postcolonial Nigeria- The Southern Nigerian Experience.
  7. Innovative Approach To Qur’anic Education In Nigeria: Reflections On The Developments Of Qur’anic Education In Katsina From The Period Of Nigerian Independence To The Present Times