The Centre for Qur'anic Studies, in the pursuance of its mandate, runs a series of short and long-term courses and trainings in different aspects of Qur'anic Science. Some of the courses include.

    1. Refresher Courses for Teachers of Model Tsangaya Schools (Courses to be offered include Qur’anic memorization Skills, Tajweed, Fundamental teachings of the Qur’an, Administration of Model Tsangaya Schools.)
    2. Qur’anic exhibition (display of manuscripts, calligraphy Zayyana( beautification of Qur’anic calligraphy), types of Gafaka( Qur’anic bags, covers etc) Tafasir, Qur’anic Instruments/materials used in Tsangaya, Qur’anic Programmes, projects,etc).
    3. Conference/ Seminar/ Workshop on important Themes of Qur’anic studies (Local, National,International).
    4. Electronic Journal/ Blog site which relates knowledge, news and Developments related to Qur’an, Qur’anic and Islamiyya Schools.
    5. Electronic Qur’anic Studies Group.
    6. Setting up a specialized Qur’anic library.
    7. Setting up a Qur’anic language laboratory to facilitate teaching, learning of Qur’an and recording of recitations.
    8. Capacity building programmes for Huffaz, participants in Qur’anic competition, certificate courses, granting of Ijazah/Silsilah.
    9. Workshop for Imams, Hisbah and Zakat officers Shari’ah Court judges, Teachers of Arabic/Islamic Studies in Primary and Integrated Tsangaya schools.
    10. Workshops/courses for Alarammomi.
    11. Building a befitting multi-purpose hostel accommodation and a Model Tsangaya of the Centre.
    12. Pre-Ramadan Workshop for scholars who conduct Tafsir.
    13. Organise short but captivating weekly Radio programme (Contact local stations for possible free slots).
    14. Developing a Standard curriculum and syllabus for Qur’anic schools.
    15. Organising the teaching of Qur’an in Mosques for adults.