• To serve as documentation house for data on Qur’anic studies, Islamic institutions and current Islamic developments.
  • Undertaking and promoting research in Qur’anic studies in relation to contemporary developments.
  • Publication of books, journals, occasional papers and researches in Qur’anic studies.
  • Organizing training workshops, conferences, seminars and discussion fora on Qur’anic studies and contemporary Islamic development.
  • Organizing capacity building programmes and certificate courses for Qur’anic memorizers, interpreters, Judges, Imams, preachers, Hisbah members etc
  • Enhancing healthy relationship between the University and the community through organizing courses on some aspects of Qur’anic studies for various segments of the society; NGO’s, CBO’s, Civil Servants, traditional rulers, business community, etc.
  • Developing appropriate curriculum and adequate examination system for Qur’anic schools with a view to facilitating logging on to the National Policy on Education.
  • Training of Qur’anic teachers and preachers who would be competent in disseminating Islamic knowledge and Qur’anic education.
  • Developing appropriate model public enlightenment and sensitization programmes on the teachings of the Qur’an aimed at creating better understanding and good social relationship.